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To request a quote for printing or design, please fill in the following information to the best of your knowledge:

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Job Description

If you have a low-resolution JPG or PDF file of the project you are requesting a quote for, please upload the file here:



The following information is not required, but any additional details you are able to provide will help us provide you with a more accurate quote for your project.

Dimensions: Flat X  

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For scans or copies, please indicate the number of original photos or documents you will provide:


Printing a job in black ink is the least expensive of all printing methods. However, it is important to note that using a single PMS ink or a match color costs more than using black ink. Please be sure to indicate how many colors you plan to use and whether you wish to use PMS colors.


If you use PMS 185 + K (which means black to us printers) on both sides of your print job, your job will be 2/2 – 2 colors on one side and 2 colors on the other.

If you use 2 PMS colors + K on one side and only K on the other side, your job will be 3/1. Be sure to let us know if you do not intend to use the same number of colors on each side of your printing job.

If you use 4 color process + a flood gloss varnish on one side of your job and do not print on the other side, your job will be 5/0. Varnish counts as an ink even though it has no pigment.

Number of Ink Colors (including black) on Front:


Number of Ink Colors (including black) on Back:


PMS colors (if applicable):


Does this job require:

Heavy coverage, bleeds, screen tints, or varnish?

If you know that your print job will require bleeds or heavy ink coverage, please let us know so that we can quote your job as such. Or, you may find a significant difference between our quote and your final bill.

If ink "bleeds" or runs off the edge of your printed job then trimming is required during the finishing of your job to remove the excess ink and paper. Most of the time this means that your printer will need to use a larger press sheet than the finished size of your job. Sometimes this leads to using a larger press and the price of the job increases.

The same is true for heavy coverage (or solids). If your job requires heavy ink coverage we may need to print a heavier coating of ink on your printed piece. We may even need to use a larger press to ensure that the ink coverage is consistent throughout your project. This is particularly true if we have to print a screen of one color and then print over this screen with another color to ensure the evenness of the solid.

Please let us know if you think your job might require heavy coverage as additional ink cost or using a larger press can increase the cost of your job on long press runs where more ink will be used.


Screen Tints?        

Heavy Coverage?        

Varnish or Aqueous Coating?        

Bindery, Finishing, and Special Effects (Please check those which apply.)





How will artwork be provided to Consolidated Printing?





See our instructions for providing artwork and a list of compatible software.

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