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What types of media can I use to send you my files?

You can send us your files on a CD, DVD, or USB Flash Drive. Always include hardcopy.

Should I compress my files before sending them to FTP?

We recommend compression (.zip or .sit) for all files sent FTP. File compression protects the integrity of your files and speeds transmission. If multiple files are to be sent you may place them into a single folder before compression. Name the folder using the job number provided to you by a Consolidated Printing representative.

Do I need to supply you with fonts?

Yes...if you are not supplying EPS/PDF files with fonts embedded (or converted to paths or outlines). Be sure to include BOTH screen and printer fonts. Place all fonts in a separate “fonts” folder.

Do I need to use any special kind of naming system for the file I send to you?

No, we will use whatever file names you designate for the job. However, we recommend you keep your file names as short (and logical) as possible. Do not use any type of punctuation other than the “dot” separating the file name and its suffix.

What resolution should I use for graphics?

Vector art (Adobe Illustrator) is not resolution-dependent and is fully scalable. Raster images should be 300 dpi at 100% of reproduction size. Bit-mapped images (line scans) at 1200 dpi at 100%. It is best to have all images scaled, cropped, and rotated prior to placing in your layout.

Can I use images downloaded from the Internet?

Most Internet images are low resolution and designed for fast display rate on your screen. Typically, screen resolutions are 72 or 96 dpi, far below recommended print resolution resulting in “fuzzy” or “jagged” images. Also, many images posted on the web are copyrighted images and cannot be reproduced without written consent. We do not recommend images copied from the Internet for print.

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